Wrap Film Seal Cover

Wrap film seal cover is what you’ve got been missing.  unlike every different stretch wrap inside the market? This stretch wrap utilizes the modern generation and the soft silicone fabric is reusable, stretch and environmental pleasant. 

spherical, rectangular, OVAL, cover them all – 4pcs set of Wrap movie Seal cowl will stretch to fit all shapes. cover bowls, glasses, espresso cups, mugs, pots and pans, cans, plastic food boxes and more.

one hundred% latest fine:. flawlessly hold the meals, culmination, vegetables clean and smooth. Environmental silicone does no damage to food and human our bodies. it’s far reusable and smooth to smooth and wash.

smooth TO save:  Wrap film Seal cowl you may store this item in freezer and microwave. obvious design- food can be visible easily and truely. crafted from long lasting, stretchable silicone so that you can stretch it into any form you like. Get in one small, two medium and one massive length and you can use it again and again again! Hygienic and safe- can be rinsed with boiling water and dishwasher safe. Reusable silicone meals wraps seal vacuum cowl lid stretch.

instructions: Wrap film Seal cover First, make tough to stretch the wrap movies, positioned the smooth side down, then at once stick the warp movies to the container.

easy TO easy: Rinse the meals cowl in heat water, use mild dish soap if wanted.


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